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WOMWord of Mouth
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WOMWings Over Miami (aircraft museum)
WOMWrite Optional Memory
WOMWashington Overseas Mission (Washington, MO)
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Inform the gentleman at once--either by word of mouth or by writing--of the position in which he stands: and authorize him to place the case in the hands of a person known to you both, who is competent to decide on what you are to do next.
However, as it must be done, he had no choice but to do it; so, after attempting several letters, and failing in them all, he resolved to do it by word of mouth.
would fear to paint his happiness in the cold phrases of a written letter, but would wait to tell it by word of mouth.
Biddy says, "I know he will be very glad to have it by word of mouth, it is holidaytime, you want to see him, go
This omission I now made haste to correct, and, after the manner of green Martians with their beasts, I let him know partially by the weird and uncanny telepathy of Barsoom and partly by word of mouth that we were upon the trail of those who had recently occupied the boat through which we had just passed.
Word of mouth has been recognized as an effective medium for dissemination of information.
Yet word of mouth is a double-edged sword, whereby it can make or break a brand, shape the perception customers may have of a company, and increase or reduce sales and profits, which begs the question: what makes word of mouth so efficient?
Successful word-of-mouth campaigns have shown to be more than to times as effective as paid advertising because consumers "trust" word of mouth more than an advertising message.
The news has come as a surprise to many as no one had ever imagined that Go Buzz Me would plunge into the trade barter exchange industry in such a short span of time, especially when it had been introducing one feature after another to upgrade its word of mouth marketing platform.
He points out how and why word of mouth marketing works and guides readers about how it can be implemented.
Social media consultancy Converseon and word-of-mouth analytics firm ChatThreads have joined to create CHORUSao, the first system to comprehensively fuse advanced social media listening and analysis together with offline word of mouth tracking.
Consumers engaged in a word of mouth program should disclose their relationship with marketers in their communications with other consumers.