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Let us omit from our consideration, for the present, the memories in which words replace images.
For instance, if one is casually referring to a house, HAUS, or a horse, PFERD, or a dog, HUND, he spells these words as I have indicated; but if he is referring to them in the Dative case, he sticks on a foolish and unnecessary E and spells them HAUSE, PFERDE, HUNDE.
These first books we call Manuscripts, from the Latin words manus, a hand, and scribere, to write, for they were all written by hand.
But in Jerry's vocabulary, "Mister Haggin" possessed all the definiteness of sound and meaning that the word "master" possesses in the vocabularies of humans in relation to their dogs.
His face was still smooth and expressionless, but there was a queer sort of meaning in his words.
I began to anticipate the completion of my daily thousand words by taking a drink when only five hundred words were written.
Those words, also, Miss Dunross wrote--and waited again.
"Those were his words, but as he said them he made their meaning clear by going over to the bell, and waiting with his finger ready to ring for whatever assistance or protection I desired.
Napoleon noticed Balashev's embarrassment when uttering these last words; his face twitched and the calf of his left leg began to quiver rhythmically.
At those last words her voice--quiet and even through the earlier part of her sad story--began to falter once more.
If you cannot indicate this motion from left to right by yourself moving in it, then I beg you to describe it to me in words.
By a current or proper word I mean one which is in general use among a people; by a strange word, one which is in use in another country.