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The cells don't have to be in the current worksheet, but they do have to be somewhere in the current workbook.
After preparing a worksheet in hard copy braille, the participant completed an online transcription survey about the preparation of the specific worksheet.
Worksheet time can be easily replaced with silent reading time, journaling, or other solitary activities that require little teacher supervision.
95; and Music Games for Every Month: A Year's Worth of Themed Worksheets, Grades 1-6, edited by Jeanine Morgan.
Figure 3 illustrates the lower portion of the User Interface worksheet where the end-user could provide responses to specific questions that established the criteria which the system would use in its logical processing to determine the best three solution choices.
On the Preparation worksheet (shown in Exhibit 4), we have listed the sales representatives at A4:A8.
There are other methods besides the grower's worksheet method that can be used to determine whether the sales price of the grapes exceeds that of the insured amount, on a per ton basis.
In contrast, an electronic worksheet can be set up to store results in a database, where they are immediately accessible and ready-to-use.
The treatment groups were taught the subject matter through the use of Foldables[TM], while the control groups were taught the subject matter using lecture with worksheets.
Students were aware that their worksheet grades were incorporated into their overall course grade for the semester at the rate of 25% of the overall grade.
Because the Microsoft Excel worksheet is "dynamic," all we have to do is to enter the four test scores for the next student.
The Input worksheet has example data for 9 studies already entered.