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WRAPWellness Recovery Action Plan
WRAPWaste and Resources Action Programme (U.K. non-profit recycling advocate)
WRAPWaste Reduction Awards Program
WRAPWestern Regional Air Partnership
WRAPWashington Regional Alcohol Program
WRAPWireless Router Application Platform
WRAPWetland Rapid Assessment Procedure (rating index)
WRAPWrite Around Portland
WRAPWireless Robust Authenticated Protocol
WRAPWeb Ready Appliances Protocol
WRAPWhippet Rescue and Placement
WRAPWomen Recovering from Abuse Program (Canada)
WRAPWetlands Regulatory Assistance Program
WRAPWarfighter Rapid Acquisition Program
WRAPWind, Reel, And Print
WRAPWisconsin Regional Art Program
WRAPWoundcare Research for Appropriate Products
WRAPWorldwide Responsible Apparel Producers (Arlington, VA)
WRAPWildfire Research and Applications Partnership
WRAPWriting and Reading Assessment Profile
WRAPWriting Approach to Reading
WRAPWaste Receiving and Processing Plant
WRAPWide Area Rapid Acoustic Prediction
WRAPWarwick Research Archive Project
WRAPWeatherization, Rehabilitation, and Asset Preservation Project
WRAPWeb Resource Authentication Protocol
WRAPWarfighting Rapid Acquisition Process
WRAPWorkforce Research and Analysis Project
WRAPWide Area Rapid Acoustic Propagation
WRAPWater Reduction Awards Program (California, USA)
WRAPWork-package Risk Assessment Procedure (DCAA)
WRAPWideband Receivers for Adaptive Processing
WRAPWeapon Readiness Achievement Program
WRAPWeapon Reliability Assurance Program
WRAPWorkload Requirements Assessment Process
WRAPWar Risk Additional Premium
WRAPWhite Rose Agricultural Producers (Alberta, Canada)
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Carlos Kamau, who likes to read the front page and then flip to the back page, says the wrap, and the stapling, inconveniences him.
Short-row 7 K8 working wraps tog with wrapped sts, wrap next st, turn.
The first and most important are elastic, self-adhesive wraps like Elastikon and Coban.
A chicken tikka and salad wrap was found to contain 538 calories and a chicken salad wrap took up 465 calories of an adult's recommended 2,000 calories a day.
Measure the recipient's head, following the instructions on page 69 for the Silk Ribbon Wrap.
In fact, warehouse managers often have no idea what it is costing them to wrap a pallet," he adds.
Operators often start the wrap over the sides of the pallet--where forks from a pallet jack or forklift can puncture the film.
The blue wrap is light weight and fluffy so we can compress it and put a lot into each box.
Sharing with a friend or saving half for the next day is a great way to get the wrap you desire without going overboard on your calorie, fat and sodium intake for the meal.
The IPC added a copper wrap plate requirement to the IPC 6012B specification, requiring that copper plating, from the filled plated hole, continues around the knee of the hole and onto the surface.
1 : to cover by winding or folding <I'll wrap the baby in a blanket.
Safe- Wrap and Safe- Wrap Combo Blood Collection Tubes are Mylar-wrapped glass capillaries treated with calcium-balanced lithium heparin.