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WUSSWestern Users of SAS Software
WUSSWittenberg University Speleological Society (Springfield, OH)
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Fast forward to 2016, the Philippines' very own Generation Wuss led the protest against the haste burial of deposed dictator Ferdinand Marcos.
When I lived in New York, I remember how conductors on the Long Island Rail Road managed to slur the name of a certain station, Woodside, into the unintelligible wuss-eye (the eye of a wuss?).
com Now your dog can wrap up without looking a wuss in this cool parka, pounds 9.
My music can be very wuss at times and skating can have kind of a machothing going.
The flag, handmade by Milton's legal assistant Linda Marsh, was ceremoniously presented to Fisher as the FLABOTA "Wuss Award," after Fisher said he'd have to miss the board meeting in North Carolina during peak leaf season in October, giving some lame excuse about having to climb a mountain in Nepal.
general: benign neglect, control freak, in-your-face, plain vanilla, reality check, wake-up call, workfare, wuss, nanny state, reverse mortgage
Ten thousand new words appear: domain name, work fare, wuss, false-memory syndrome, reverse mortgage, in-your-face, zine, among these.
On one hand, Malveaux will call to task members of the Nation of Islam for their "street harassment." On the other, she'll label President Bill Clinton a "quisling" and a "wuss" over the matter of Lani Guinier.
He told the paper: "This is dangerous territory, one doesn't want to show off or be a total wuss." Those caught doing 100mph face a driving ban of up to 56 days or being fined 150% of their weekly income, according to the RAC.
Meanwhile Kieron said: "I don't like spiders or snakes, but there is no way I am going to look a wuss on the trials!" The ex-England mid-fielder said by appearing in the jungle he'd like to change people's perceptions about footballers in general.
GEMMA Collins is a real wuss. How embarrassing she only lasted a couple of days in the jungle.
The celebrated American author wrote a rare text for Vanity Fair recently, calling the millennialsmy generationGeneration Wuss. He did admit that his judgments are "huge generalities," but didn't stop at saying we are oversensitive and overinsistent that we are right "despite the overwhelming proof that they are not."