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XRExtended-Release (pharmaceuticals)
XRExchange Rate (currency)
XRExtinction Rebellion (activist organization)
XRExtended Range
XRXref (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
XRX-Linked Recessive (skin condition)
XRExperimental Research (Ford Motor Company)
XRJesus Christ (from first 2 letters of Greek Christos; archaic)
XRXtreme Revolution (gaming)
XRExternal Reset
XRExperimental Rocket
XRExceptional Requirements (Maricopa County, AZ community college system)
XRExport Reactor
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According to the BOC X-Ray Inspection Project, these x-ray machines are capable of identifying dense areas and apply the high penetration feature only to the dense area of the shipment.
These units will consist of 15 fixed baggage x-ray machines, 25 hand-carried baggage x-ray machines, four mobile baggage x-ray machines, and six portal-type x-ray machines.
An additional parameter, usually automatically controlled by the x-ray tube following its optimization, is for the operation of the focus coils used within the tube to, as their name suggests, squeeze the electrons into as small a (focal) spot as possible on the target.
DRMC X-Ray, Inc., an affiliate of Faxitron, was formed to take title to Faxitron's irradiation assets.
Hitomi sports four X-ray telescopes, two for "soft" (low-energy) photons and two for "hard" (high-energy) ones.
This report categorizes the digital X-ray system market in the US into the following application segments: interventional X-ray, mammography, fluoroscopy, dental X-ray, general radiography, veterinary X-ray, and mobile C-arm.
XPNAV could only use the well-known X-ray pulsars for navigation.
X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy technique studies the surface sample without destroying the surface.
The S3-MICROcaliX system consists of a microfocus X-ray tube, focusing-collimating optics, a vacuum camera body, a micro-calorimeter module, and small- and wide-angle X-ray (SWAXS) detectors.
"Our goal is to create a laser beam that contains a broad range of X-ray wavelengths all at once that can be focused both in time and space," Murnane said.
Although X-ray technology currently enjoys only a limited share of the product inspection market, as manufacturers begin to understand its advantages and realise its suitability for different applications, many more of them are beginning to embrace the technology.
NBS Corp announces the introduction of its newest X-Ray test equipment, the Agilent's X6000.The X6000 is the next generation of the Agilent 5DX 3d x-ray technology and NBS uses this equipment to X-ray every solder joint that we assemble, in addition to offering X-ray testing as a service to other CM's and OEM's.