xGnPExfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelet
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The aim of the present study was to provide new experimental values on thermophysical properties such as refractive indices, speeds of sound, and densities in the THF + xGnP or THF + AC binary systems for which experimental data are not available.
It can be manufactured by the vacuum impregnation of octadecane PCM in xGnP, which uses a porous nanocarbon to enhance the thermal conductivity of the PCM.
The quasi-static indirect tensile stress-strain history for pure vinyl ester, xGnP reinforced, and CTBN toughened samples are shown in Figures 8(a)(i) and 8(b)(i).
"Adding xGnP graphene nanoplatelets to polymers at low concentrations results in nanocomposites that are multi functional in that they possess an array of enhanced properties--including improved strength and significantly increased electrical and thermal conductivity--leading to new and expanded applications," the company says.
The third signal is attributed to the occurrence of nanographite (NG), which only appears in the xGNP sample.
The new nanocomposite is based on a material invented at MSU, xGnP Graphene Nanoplatelets, which is added to sheet molding compound (SMC) to make it stronger and electrically conductive.
Nanocomposites of xGnP and isotactic polypropylene (PP), prepared via in situ metallocene polymerization of propylene were compared with analogous composites of similar molecular weight, prepared by melt compounding of commercial Ziegler-Natta PP and xGnP [15].
Researchers at Michigan State University have developed XGnP Exfoliated Graphite NanoPlatelets, which can be used as a plastics additive to enhance stiffness and strength.
CB, carbon nanofibers (NF) and exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP) were melt compounded with a crosslinked PCO matrix at different amounts.
Taking into account these considerations, the objective of the present work is that to characterize the thermal, mechanical and clcctrical properties of PCO-based nanocomposites filled with different kinds of carbon-based nanofillers (xGnP, CB, and NF), potentially applied as electro-active shape memory materials.
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