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XYRyan Air
XYXy Air Nigeria (IATA airline code)
XYGenetic Code of a Male
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The polysaccharide in the peach gum was composed of arabinogalactans main chain substituted with xylose, glucose, mannose, and uronic acids.
pneumoniae was used); and the glucose-antibiotic group and the xylose-antibiotic group, which were treated topically with a mixture of 20 [micro]L of 2.5 [micro]g/mL antibiotic (tetracycline or chloramphenicol) plus 20 [micro]L of sugar (glucose 2% or xylose 2%).
Xylose utilization and short-chain fatty acid production by selected components of the intestinal microflora of a rodent pollinator (Aethomys namaquensis).
The selected mutant was characterized for the production of xylanases and phenomenon of CCR by glucose and xylose was also studied.
This step aimed to increase the proportion of sugars in the liquors, especially xylose. Concentration was performed through the reduction of 2.5 times in its initial volume.
It seems that the yeast Pichia stipitis, among pentose's fermenting microorganisms, is able to ferment xylose and hexose in ethanol from lignocellulosic biomass hydrolysate under relevant conditions in the bioconversion process, such as pH, temperature, oxygen, agitation and composition of the medium (Hahn-Hagerdal, Linden, Senac, & Skoog, 1991; Ryding, Niklasson, & Liden, 1993; Sunitha, Lee, & Oh, 1999; Nigam, 2001; Agbogbo, Haagensen, Milam, & Wenger, 2008; Farias, Andrade, & Maugeri Filho, 2013).
stipitis has been genetically modified to improve xylose like pentose fermentation [17,18].
The browning index ([B.sub.index]) of a cooled mixture of gelatin/hydrolyzate containing xylose with or without [Cu.sup.2+] was measured at 420 nm using a microplate spectrophotometer.
The isolate fermented glucose, galactose, maltose, mannose whereas arabinose, xylose, trehalose, lactose and sucrose were not fermented.
TLC analysis of the reaction mixture of [XynA.sub.MG1] catalyzed hydrolysis of beechwood xylan, compared with the results reported for the novel family 10 xylanase Xyn10J from a compost metagenomic library [18], suggested that xylobiose ([X.sub.2]) and xylotetraose ([X.sub.4]) were two major end products, and xylose ([X.sub.1]) was produced as a minor product (Figure 5(a)).