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YYYYeah Yeah Yeahs (band)
YYYYada Yada Yada
YYYMont Joli, Quebec, Canada (Airport Code)
YYYYoupi Youpi Yeah (band)
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Alec Greven (left) originally wrote the book as an assignment for his English class, yada yada yada, now he's secured a six-figure deal with Twentieth Century Fox for the film rights.
I'd upset her because the subject of my book - me droning on about being a big girl, what it's like being an in office of thinnies who ask me if their bums look big in a sheath while I can't even reach mine with the use of an industrial sized back scratcher, yada yada yada - was too much for her to bear.
The map is big and has a lot of things to do like hunting, fishing, meeting strangers, yada yada yada but 10 hours into the game and you just want to get from mission to mission faster.
Yada yada yada. The most dangerous aspect to the show is the possibility that they might breed.
Tickets are on sale, go see her if you want, yada yada yada.
You already know the story: DK makes off with Mario's girl, Mario chases him, they fight, yada yada yada.