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YAGSYale Anti-Gravity Society
YAGSYet Another Game System (role-playing)
YAGSYet Another Google Service
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The 1-kW pulsed YAG laser is offered in three versions: the 706 for welding, the 707 for cutting, and the 708 for drilling.
An interesting Lumonics YAG application is at the Gillette Safety Razor Co, welding Sensor razor assemblies.
In a YAG system, the fiber is hooked up just like another electrical cable on that robot arm, and delivery is not affected by robot movement.
Final body alignment is an ideal application for YAG laser cutting.
The Lumonics 708 YAG laser is for deep drilling at high speed.
This is also being done with 400-W YAG lasers, and a 1-kW laser would permit faster drilling or doing thicker materials on the fly, notes Llewellyn.
In the auto industry, some are looking at drilling oil-feed holes in bearings with YAG to reduce microcracking and HAZ.