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1993- 1993-97 1998-2002 2002 Occupation Number Fatality Number Fatality Fatality of rate of rate rate fatalities fatalities Rail transporta- tion occupa- tions 139 25 83 15 20 Locomotive operators 41 17 20 8 12 Conductors and yardmasters 49 24 33 14 19 Brake, signal, and switch operators 43 50 28 68 56
A retired railroad yardmaster, John enjoys the chance to work with equipment he remembers from his youth.
2005) with its Yardmaster Premier Pallet System offers the addition of pallet inventory control as well as interface to a barcode-based pallet tracking system.
Beirne would soon be promoted to yardmaster of the Pennsylvania's Undercliff yards, which ran perpendicular to Hutton Street and which could be crossed by an Escher-like footbridge to Eastern Avenue, where the trolley line ran.
However, the yardmaster discovered that Yarbrough had spent some time in a nearby tavern and was drunk, and dismissed him from the service.
Whoever asks for the date should pay for the date," says Arnie Graves, 33, a Chicago railroad yardmaster.
Frank Loulan AGE: 48 HOME: Phoenix JOB: Yardmaster, Union Pacific Railroad ANNUAL INCOME: About $60,000
Similarly, transferring this switchman to a nonunion position, such as yardmaster, if he was otherwise qualified and this job became open after his disability, would not adversely impact the collectively bargained for rights of other workers.
Each center employs dispatchers who maintain communications with trains, maintenance crews and yardmaster via two-way radio using more 200 microwave links.
YardMaster used these capabilities to increase market share and gain competitive advantage.
The products that they have recently added up are The AEON “edge-free” fixed-frame screen, AcousticPro UHD, CineGrey 3D Ambient Light Rejecting material, Yardmaster 2 enhanced feature outdoor projection screen, to name a few.