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YSYuzhno-Sakhalinsk (Russia)
YSYouth Services
YSYours Sincerely
YSYour Servant
YSYou Suck
YSYoshi's Story (video game)
YSYouth Specialties (Minneapolis, MN)
YSYellow Submarine (Beatles album/song)
YSYield Strength (PSI)
YSYottasecond (time measurement)
YSYou Stink
YSY Strainer
YSYour Sinclair (magazine)
YSYellow Signal
YSYellow Shark
YSYemen (Aden) (Including Socotra Island)
YSYama Sakura (Japan)
YSYoung Sam Kim (former Korean president)
YSYumeshima (enterperience community)
YSYoungstown & Southern Railway Company
YSDistrict Barge, Stevadoring (US Navy)
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Melanie Calhoun joins the Yardstick team as an acclaimed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert.
From his humble beginnings as a part-time barista at Papa Palheta, to his success with Yardstick Coffee today, Andre embodies Singapore's newest destination brand: Passion Made Possible.
A yardstick or ruler appears in each photo, placed there among the rubble by the artists before the shooting began.
Critics charged that the "yardstick" is really an effort to gut anti-bullying policies by making them less effective.
* IT'S a fairly accurate yardstick for just how skew-whiff the world's priorities are that Jonathan Richman is probably still best known to many as "that funny singing bloke who kept popping up throughout the film There's Something About Mary".
The Japanese government plans to set up a radiation yardstick for shipping stones given the detection of a relatively high level of radiation in gravel, used as building materials, from near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, industry minister Yukio Edano said Tuesday.
I suggest studying the basis of the new rules and evaluating the yardstick by which they measure 'abuse'.
However, OSHA is considering using other measures instead of the "75% of the recent national DART" as a yardstick for determining low hazard industries.
If we leave the Middle East process only as a negotiation between the two parties on border, refugees, if we don't include in the wider peace process this element of nuclear race, I think we are in trouble," he told the press conference.The world at large should be free from nuclear weapons, he said, and it would be best to reduce completion for armament in the Middle East, but, he said, the international community should use only one yardstick, not two."If we were to stop the competition in the Middle East, this race for nuclear weapons, we should have only one yardstick not two.
Campbell said: "Dumbarton were promoted the season before us so a game against them will be a good yardstick for where we are."