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YENTAYour Espionage Network and Training Academy (Get Smart; Israeli version of CONTROL)
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Vibrant in their respect for Soviet Jewry, Yenta Mash's stories are a must -- a reminder that, through the persecutions in the Russian Pale, "something very important has been lost," but also that something strong survives.
But, like Weichselbaum's use of "yenta," it has the effect of indicating his Jewishness in contrast to the (assumed) non-Jewishness of the interviewers.
Lico dijo que aprendio a no molestarse cuando la gente no se presenta a las reuniones agendadas en un mercado de yentas. "En estos dias y en la epoca (tecnologica) en la que vivimos, se puede hacer mucho mientras estas sentado aguardando".
"She was a yenta who loved fixing people up, in work and in love," she added.
(11) Verite et imagination, realite et distorsion--La yenta sur Marie est marquee par les memes tensions, mais elles ne sont pas seulement projetees sur un seul plan de reference, mais sur deux, constitues par les deux axes de la narration.
At times, Ginsberg turns to Yiddish when criticizing other Jews, as he does in "May Days 1988": "Call C--O--Yiddish translator poetress Zionist yenta?" (Ginsberg 2006b, 981).
DP World currently operates five marine terminals in China, including Qingdao Qianwan Container Terminal, ACT and CT3 in Hong Kong, DP World Yenta and Tianjin Orient Container Terminals.
Leah plans to treat her mum Dawn, 48, dad Matthew, 50, sister Yenta, 24, and brothers Nathan, 26 and Max, 16, to a luxury Caribbean holiday followed by a shopping spree in New York or Miami.
CeCe Arnold, rural sociologist and director of the Rural Community Support Program of the National Catholic Rural Life Conference, sees herself as a "rural yenta," saying a big part of her work is connecting people who need to talk with one another.
With his solid credentials--a CPA, CMA and Harvard MBA, as well as the current treasurer of Progressive Insurance--King proves himself to be the insider, the historian, the yenta of the accounting profession.
Yenta the Matchmaker has nothing on Stephanie Plum, who in this short novel trades in her bounty hunting skills for making four couples a great Valentine's Day.