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Yeoman figured that if he were going to get fired, he'd do so running the offense that he wanted to run.
Ms Hickinbottom said her workload became unmanageable after she stood up for a colleague whom she felt Ms Yeoman was "throwing the book" at.
The Rev Paul Wilcock, head of the arms and armour group at the University, said: "I asked the chief Yeoman Warder if anybody had written their history and was surprised to learn that it hadn't been done.
Both girls learned to ride at Borrowby Equestrian Centre which is owned by Kristina's mum and Kelsie's auntie, Karen Yeoman.
Lawyer Jonathan Yeoman, of Connelly and Yeoman, admitted he was bemused to see one of their signs outside the cave.
Contact Chris Yeoman or Steve Shanks on 0800 085 2663
The Yeoman Warders - the Beefeaters - have been protecting the Tower since 1485.
One landlord, Dave Lyons, of Grangetown, Cardiff, let out a flat in the exclusive Alto Lusso building, but twice cheques from Yeoman Edwards bounced.
This is interesting material, but the story is most compelling when dealing with planters and yeoman farmers.
Det Supt Viv Howells, the officer who led Operation Yeoman, said: 'Operation Yeoman was launched ten months ago with the aim of taking out the key individuals believed to be involved in the supply of heroin, cocaine and other, so called recreational drugs, such as ecstasy.
Samantha Ann Yeoman was the head teacher at Rogerstone Primary School in Newport when the National Reading and Numeracy tests were taken in May 2013.