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YKNWYou Know
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The servant said I could do so, if you came that way, but that you let yourself in sometimes with your own key by the back-garden gate; and if you did this, she would take care to let you know of my visit.
SOCRATES: No wonder; but I will try to get nearer if I can, for you know that all things have a common notion.
Well, if it was Rogojin--but do you know what she writes to me about?
But I never got anything out of him--any ideas, you know.
However, the long and the short of it is, that he has asked my permission to make you an offer of marriage--of marriage, you know," said Mr.
People should have their own way in marriage, and that sort of thing--up to a certain point, you know.
I'm glad you did your part--some folks don't, you know.
He won't mind a bit sleeping in the attic, at first, you know, and he says he'll work; but I shall need him the most of the time to play with, I reckon.
I brought him home--so he could live here, you know.
At nineteen, you know, one does not think very seriously; but Mr Elliot appeared to me quite as good as others, and much more agreeable than most others, and we were almost always together.
If there is anything in my story which you know to be either false or improbable, stop me.
Mr Elliot came back accordingly; and on application was forgiven, as you know, and re-admitted into the family; and there it was his constant object, and his only object (till your arrival added another motive), to watch Sir Walter and Mrs Clay.