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YBYoung Boys (Swiss sports club)
YBYottabyte (10 E^24, one septillion bytes)
YBYoung Buck (rapper)
YBYogi Bear (cartoon character)
YBYou Bet! (UK gameshow)
YBYour Buddy
YBYeah, Baby
YBYouth Brigade (band)
YBPrototype Bomber
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Ytterbium is present in Thar 11-2 and Thar 3-2-3 while absent in Thar 31-2 and Thar 7-4.
Caption: 20 kilowatts worth of He/ are mounted on the roof of this Tatra 8x8, which offers both room and power for the ytterbium laser generator, which is no mean device.
The stability of the ytterbium lattice clocks opens the door to a number of exciting practical applications of high-performance timekeeping," National Institute of Standards and Technology physicist, and co-author of the study revealing the clock, Andrew Ludlow said in a statement.
Gravimetric determination of soluble phenolics including tannins from leaves by precipitation with trivalent ytterbium.
The indicators used at the estimation of fecal production and apparent total and partial digestibility in the digestive tract were the complexed chrome (Cr-EDTA) and ytterbium chloride (Yb[Cl.
Prototypes created using a high powered ytterbium fibre laser to fuse fine metallic powders, such as titanium, together to form fully functional metal 3D parts.
A method for isolating condensed tannins from crude protein plant extracts with trivalent ytterbium.
2] [24], PPE [25], polymer supported ytterbium reagents [26], baker's yeast [27], The heterogeneous catalysts used in this reaction involve the use of KSF (montmorillonite) [28], Zeolite (TS-1) [29], HZSM-5 [30].
In the new Classification, Ytterbium can be seen as a useful element for the cold fusion tests.
Pertinent data: The LASER 1000 5Ax uses a 20-watt, pulsed Ytterbium pulsed fiber laser (there is a 50-watt option).
Professor Kielpinski and his colleagues trapped single atomic ions of the element ytterbium and exposed them to a specific frequency of light.
The cladding was done with a LENS 850-R machine which uses a 1 kW ytterbium fibre laser.