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YUPPIEYoung Urban Professional
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grunge, metal, yuppies, goths, emos, greboes, skins, casuals, junglists, nerds, mouse-jockeys and Yetties: young, entrepreneurial, techbased,twentysomethings.
Sgt Yuppie dressed for action; Rupert takes aim with new rifle, watched by Sgt Yuppie; Our man Rupert in his grass uniform
"Yuppies" (young urban professionals working in corporate sector white collar jobs) were certainly en vogue during the latter part of the twentieth century.
The yuppie parks his car, whips out his notebook computer, connects it to his cell phone and surfs to a NASA page on the Internet.
The age of the Yuppie looks set to make a comeback in Birmingham.
I thought it was just another "yuppie" magazine, so I stubbornly resisted.
Like the novel, the film American Psycho can be seen as an ultimate portrayal of the 1980s New York yuppie lifestyle, depicting a world dominated by hedonism, greed, and egocentrism.
It is Bradsher's book that will likely do the most damage to years of clever marketing aimed at constructing the Yuppie appeal and perceived invincibility of a vehicle that has been one of Detroit's most lucrative products.
It's so much easier than sharing anything else, like the $60 worth of overpriced yuppie comestibles I foolishly brought home in that bag.
He went into a trance by meditating on the divine Throne." Ho hum, it's hippiedom revisited, a New Age guru with typical yuppie psychological hang-ups.
The heroine of Witchel's novel is an assistant editor at a woman's magazine who discovers her yuppie Wall Street fiancier is secretly engaged to at least two other women.