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ZAGZP (Zomepirac) Acyl Glucuronide
ZAGZagreb, Croatia (Airport Code)
ZAGZn-Alpha2-Glycoprotein (gene)
ZAGZirconium Aluminum Glycinate (immunology)
ZAGZoning Advisory Group (Clayton County, GA)
ZAGZymosan-Activated Granulocytes (physiology)
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Pok BV and Zag BV were incorporated in February 2011 as indirect wholly owned subsidiaries of the Company.
The tryptic peptide from ZAG found to have the greatest response by this method was [sup.
Zag and Paula, aged 46, have lived in the home with their sons Jordan, aged 12 and Saul, aged 10, for nine years and were originally attracted to it by its history.
The barrister explained Zig Zag duly entered into a contract with the men, but made it clear that, in line with Channel 4 policy, they would only receive their expenses.
Their battle with Zig Zag climaxed when the boozed-up pair from Manchester stormed the company's London offices.
Zig Zag Ballet, resident dance company of the Stamford Center for the Arts, has an incredible venue to call home and a group of ten gifted, individualistic dancers to enliven its stage.
So the basic focus of ZAG is on creating a culture shift.
If you looked at the container with the Zag [salt crystal] in it, you'd think the bottle was empty.
Available in 13-inch or 17-inch vented or solid versions, the ZAG 1700 Shelves are durable enough for garage use, but also styled to fit into any room of the house.
The zig always informed the zag, which made for a keener sense of the dilemmas and values of the wider world than we've seen in any generation since.
In addition, ZAG produced a normalization of the diabetic glucose tolerance curve after three days of treatment, suggesting that ZAG may have a therapeutic application in the treatment of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.
Contract notice: Supply and delivery of modular buildings to offices to zag international airport martinique loved c?