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I will then turn to A Boys Own Story, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, and Zami to examine how a more attentive reading allows these works to answer back.
The second chapter is on much firmer footing, as Zami, Audre Lorde's self-described "biomythography," explicitly undertakes "the self-conscious act of destabilizing .
I am grateful to a lesbian in Uganda who may prefer to remain anonymous and who drew my attention to the injustices against lesbians in that country in 2002; to Consuelo Rivera-Fuentes and Linda Birke whose 2001 article 'Talking With/In Pain: Reflections on Bodies Under Torture' I stumbled across soon afterwards; to the anonymous researchers at Amnesty International whose reports on the torture of lesbians provide so much of the first hand material, and to Lara Fergus who sent me the Crimes of Hate document from Amnesty International; to Claudia Reinfelder whose book Amazon to Zami contains some of the other first hand accounts; and to an unnamed friend with whom I discussed at length her experience of torture.
On Gay Pride Day the Armorettes will share marshaling honors with Allen Thornell, the executive director of Georgia Equality, a statewide political advocacy group; Mary Anne Adams, the executive director of Zami, an organization for lesbians of African descent; and PFLAG morn Judy Colbs.
I saw Zami Garlick coming toward the playground from Clinton Avenue off to my right, and I started running.
The decision to use our PLX cells in this DHF study is further verification of the uniqueness of Pluristem's PLX cells as an off-the-shelf product that requires no tissue matching prior to administration," said Zami Aberman, chairman and CEO of Pluristem.
La musique de Mohamed Zami, inspiree de nostalgie, et la scenographie de Mourad Bouchehir, faite de deux longs pantalons suggerant la liaison entre l'au-dela et le monde des vivants ainsi que des panneaux amovibles representant les differentes pieces choisies ont illustre le montage dramaturgique.
A documentary was screened on Muscat and a number of working papers were presented by Dr Antonio Diaz, Shaikh Sulaiman bin Hamoud al Kindi, Dr Lotfi Azaz, Dr Khalid bin Khalfan al Wahaibi, Dr Urnik Zeeb al zami, Dr Ibrahim Abdul Majeed Mohammed, Professor Dinra Kotu and Dr Noor Eddin al Sagheer.
As part of our ongoing clinical, scientific and financial progress, we are pleased to be invited to present at a variety of financial and scientific conferences," said Zami Aberman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pluristem.
Designed and distributed by Arizona-based People Products, LLC, the Zami pillow is the first multi-cell inflatable travel pillow designed to adjust to the user's comfort specifications.
La piece est egalement appreciee pour les mouvements choregraphiques signes Rabah Bouakkada, les compositions musicales de Mohamed Zami, et le superbe decor realise par Ali Hazati.
Zimbabwe Mining Indaba 2012 was organised by Zami ran concurrently with the government.