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ZDZener Diode
ZDZero Defects
ZDZadar, Croatia (license plate)
ZDZip Disk
ZDZenith Distance
ZDZone Description
ZDZero Drift (electronics)
ZDZDaemon (multiplayer Doom port)
ZDZone de Détection (French: Detection Zone; security)
ZDZinc Depleted (biochemistry)
ZDZero Doppler
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* a capacitance current [C.sub.ZD] [[du.sub.ZD]/dt] of a Zener diode is far less than its through-current [I.sub.0] (here [C.sub.ZD] is the inter-electrode capacitance of a Zener diode);
Leakage from these high frequency signals were surprisingly difficult to eliminate but clearly not due to Zener diode noise.
* Voltmeter "C" Agilent 34410A to measure the output voltage Circuit with Zener diode
Recent papers by Cahill [1-3] discuss gravity wave detection using reverse-biased Zener diodes as "quantum gravitational wave detectors".
The dependent variables were the posttest results of the four units on electronics topics related to diode circuits: half-wave rectifier, half-wave rectifier with filter, full-wave rectifier, and Zener diode. In order to avoid experimental errors due to the use of different instructional methods and learning materials, the same instructor and materials were used for both the experimental and control groups.
The noise-signal, generated by the four Zener diodes Z1-4, is detected over R2.
We report evidence that space flow turbulence causes solar flares, and that very simple Zener Diode Quantum Detectors, ZDQD, may be easily used to measure and characterise this turbulence.
An internal drain-to-gate zener diode provides the clamping protection for over-voltage.
The Zener diode [D.sub.1], and the base-emitter diode of the transistor [Q.sub.1], create an almost constant voltage across resistor [R.sub.1].
However in 2013 the first direct detection of flowing space was made possible by the discovery of the Nanotechnology Zener Diode Quantum Detector effect [8].
With a Zener diode included across the device's bipolar transistor output, the need for an external free-wheeling diode is removed, and by clamping at 6.6 V, the Zener also sinks inductive currents to ground, thereby reducing noise due to EMI.