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ZGZug (Zoug; Swiss Canton)
ZGZagreb (Croatia)
ZGZug (German: Platoon)
ZGZero Gravity
ZGZul'gurub (gaming, World of Warcraft)
ZGZach Galifianakis (actor and comedian)
ZGZhong Guo (car retail service; Guatemala)
ZGZen Garden
ZGZona Glomerulosa
ZGZeptogram (10 E^-21, one sextillionth)
ZGZoological Gardens
ZGZerstoerergeschwader (WW II Twin Engine Fighter Wing)
ZGZettagram (10 E^21, one sextillion grams)
ZGCanal Zone to Guantanamo (routing designation; US Navy)
ZGZone Group (serial attached SCSI protocol)
ZGZap Gun
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Zero Gravity is author Tom LaMarr's first YA novel, and hopefully not his last.
In addition to the K2, Zero Gravity has selected Clay Paky lighting, Kvant lasers, Universal Effects and much more, to revolutionise the visual experience of both its large and smaller scale events from November -- from DXBeach festival right through to the intimate live music of Drift, every Saturday.
The post Team Zero Gravity to represent Cyprus at 'F1 in Schools' contest appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Since 2003, team members with Zero Gravity Marketing have been paving the way for digital marketing.
Bill, right, says he's "tremendously excited" about the possibilities of the zero gravity experiment
Zero gravity flights simulate the sensations of flying in space.
I feel surrounded by grace, free-falling, zero gravity.
3 Passengers enjoy zero gravity before gliding back to earth
TOKYO: A Japanese astronaut plans to throw a boomerang inside a space station to test if it can fly in zero gravity.
Gerard Ryan, from West Derby, floated in zero gravity on a special flight above Florida.
Apparently taking a page from Gilligan's Island, Virgin will carry paying passengers on three-hour tours, complete with seven minutes of zero gravity, after just a week of preflight training.
Written by Vancouver resident Sharon English, Zero Gravity is an anthology of stories, mostly set in Vancouver, that offer intimate character portraits of individuals who are, either creatively or destructively, coping with the "zero gravity" state of being out of synch with life, or the sudden shock and fallout from accidents of fate.