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ZZZur Zeit (German: currently, at this time, at present)
ZZZinedine Zidane (french football player)
ZZZamn Zaddy
ZZZiemlich Zügig (German: Quite Liberally)
ZZZu Zeit (German: At This Time)
ZZZheng Zhi (soccer player)
ZZDouble Zeta Gundam (Gundam animated series)
ZZZombie Zapper
ZZZbierka Zákonov (Slovakia, collection of laws)
ZZZugzuender (WW II Pull Igniter)
ZZAnimalian Male Sex Chromosome Code
ZZZingiber - Ginger
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The apire had carried this up eighty perpendicular yards, -- part of the way by a steep passage, but the greater part up notched poles, placed in a zigzag line up the shaft.
To go from the door to the head of the bed was a zigzag course that he was never quite able to accomplish in the dark without collisions.
In front of the table benches arranged in zigzag form, like the circumvallations of a retrenchment, formed a succession of bastions and curtains set apart for the use of the members of the club; and on this especial evening one might say, "All the world was on the ramparts." The president was sufficiently well known, however, for all to be assured that he would not put his colleagues to discomfort without some very strong motive.
Stepan Arkadyevitch hit one at the very moment when it was beginning its zigzag movements, and the snipe fell in a heap into the mud.
The sunlight forced its way through a chink in the blind, and stretched across the floor in strange zigzag fashion.
The thunder was loud and metallic, like the rattle of sheet iron, and the lightning broke in great zigzags across the heavens, making everything stand out and come close to us for a moment.
As they forced their way up the zigzags, they caught glimpses out and down through the sea of foliage.
Talking to reporter, Environmental Protection Department (EPD) Director Nasim-ur-Rehman said that shifting of brick-kiln to zigzag technology would help reduce fuel consumption up to 30 per cent.
The zigzag technology brick kiln has been established by one Hazoor Bakhsh Jamra who said he had set up the kiln with the hope that it would bring profit to him.
We are grateful to everyone who has helped us to shed a light on the problem - and hope everyone's efforts will make some people thing again the next time they consider parking on zigzag lines outside a school.
As part of the Liverpool ECHO'sOperation ZigZag, launched in a bid to stop selfish and dangerous parking outside schools, the year-five children revealed what they are trying to do to make the nearby roads safer for all.
The use of zigzag technology in construction and operations of kilns could minimize effects of burning coal on environment and reduce the fuel consumption up to 30 per cent.