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ZCLZoonotic Cutaneous Leishmaniasis
ZCLZigbee Cluster Library
ZCLZacatecas, Zacatecas, Mexico (Airport Code)
ZCLZuari Cement Limited (Bangalore, Karnataka, India; Italcementi Group)
ZCLZandu Chemicals Ltd. (est. 1991; Mumbai, India)
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HZCL Individuals (n HC(n =13) = 15) Age, mean [+ or -] 37.6 [+ or -] 12.9 27.6 [+ or -] 3.6 SD (range), years (15-52) (22-33) ZCL scars, yes/no 11/4 0/13 Male/female 6/9 2/11 LST induration, mean 10.5 [+ or -] 4.6 Not available [+ or -] SD (range), (5-17.5) mm LST positive (a) 12/15 Not available SLA-specific lymphoproliferation 31.8 [+ or -] 22 2.2 [+ or -] 0.6 (IS) mean [+ or -] (8.8-78.2) (0.5-2.9) SD (range) ZCL: zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis; LST: leishmanin skin test; IS: index of stimulation.
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Zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis (ZCL) is endemic disease in Iran and Leishmania major is the causative agent transmitted by sandflies (1-2).