CITLCommunity Independent Transaction Log (EU)
CITLCenter for Information Technology Leadership (Boston, MA)
CITLCenter for Innovations in Technology for Learning
CITLCorporate Income Tax Law (various nations)
CITLCenter for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning (various locations)
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The data shows that overall Latino numbers at Goshen College held steady during these years, with the real rise beginning after CITL began.
The CITL was connected to the United Nations' International Transaction Log at the end of 2008, linking the UN's Clean Development Mechanism with the EU ETS.
CITL concludes that the hybrid model is the most cost effective of the three with a potential yearly savings of $3.
A more recent CITL study indicates that standardized healthcare information exchange among HIT systems would deliver national savings of $86.
The study, by six researchers at CITL, is in response to a formal request last fall by David Brailer, M.
From 16 May onwards, the CITL also displays compliance data, with information on whether installations have complied with their obligations to surrender an amount of allowances equal to the previous year's verified emissions.
He indicates that CITL will conduct studies and publish reports to unveil high value IT investments, like computerized physician order entry systems, which have been shown to reduce medication errors by more than 50 percent.
The regulation also provides for the interconnection of the CITL and the registry of transactions kept by the Climate Convention Secretariat (ITL), thus officialising the operation under way.
The CITL, which became operational in 2005, is the central log for monitoring quotas in the ETS.
The CITL and the UN's ITL are electronic accounting systems which allow the monitoring of emissions quotas or carbon credits of companies in the carbon market.