CITLCommunity Independent Transaction Log (EU)
CITLCenter for Information Technology Leadership (Boston, MA)
CITLCenter for Innovations in Technology for Learning
CITLCorporate Income Tax Law (various nations)
CITLCenter for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning (various locations)
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The data shows that overall Latino numbers at Goshen College held steady during these years, with the real rise beginning after CITL began.
At a recently concluded forum on Aviation held at the Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics (CITL), Executive Director of Airports and Aviation Services Johanne Jayaratne, had said that a building previously used for catering services is being converted as a domestic terminal at BIA.
The Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL) reported that PHRs could result in an annual net value of $19 billion, based on a 10-year implementation period and an 80% adoption rate by the US population.
Bulgaria is the last remaining country under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) yet to have its installations connected to the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL).
(12) In the summer of 2008, the UNFCCC secretariat and the EC successfully tested the linking of UNFCCC's International Transaction Log (ITL) and the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL), together with the EU member States national registries and some registries of non-EU countries.
The non-profit research Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL) recently published findings that show provider-to-provider telehealth technologies can save $4.28 billion annually.
According to the Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL), use of electronic prescribing systems with a network connection to pharmacies and advanced decision-support capabilities could help prevent 130,000 life-threatening medication errors annually.
Table 2 provides the national emissions allocations and 2005 emissions levels for 21 EU countries as recorded by the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL) by the compliance deadline of April 30, 2006.
In its "business case" for a nationwide health information network, the Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL) (Partners HealthCare System, Boston, Massachusetts) has defined a four-level taxonomy for health information exchange (2).
According to the National Coordinator for Health IT, HHS's initial estimate of potential nationwide savings resulting from the adoption of health IT is based primarily on two studies conducted by the Center for Information Technology Leadership (CITL).