CITNChartered Institute of Taxation of Nigeria
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The selection of CYT107 for study in immunotherapy trials conducted by the outstanding investigators from CITN member sites is a clear recognition of the potential of this cytokine to play an important role in the development of new approaches to the treatment of various cancers," said Michel Morre, DVM, President and CEO of Cytheris.
With the support of the National Cancer Institute, CITN has established a network of top academic immunologists to conduct multicenter research on promising new agents that boost patients' own immune systems to fight their cancer," said Principal Investigator Martin A.
The mission of CITN is to select, design and conduct early-phase trials using agents with known and proven biologic function and to provide the high quality immunogenicity and biomarker data essential to inform subsequent development pathways leading to the broad availability of these agents for treating patients with cancer.