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VJSVirtual Journals in Science and Technology
VJSVirginia Journal of Science
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He approached the VJs after learning about broadcasting to Myanmar by the Oslo-based media organization Democratic Voice of Burma, which he said is the first programming in the Burmese language aired from outside the country, to which the VJs provide footage.
Another study uses the OFJS model for planning data transmission of low-orbit Earth observing satellites, and claims that the proposed model and algorithms can be adapted to solve the operational VJS (OVJS) Problem (Gabrel 1995).
Word on the street is that McGraw-Hill will soon have VJs in at least two of its stations, in San Diego and Indianapolis.
It's called Ways Into Improvisation: The Ensemble, it's at 7pm in the Hamilton Studio, The Drum is at 144 Potters Lane, Aston, and there's more information from Sound It Out on 0121 7737322On Saturday evening, leave the cool black jacket of jazz in the wardrobe, don instead your world music coat of many colours, and head back to The Drum, this time for Diaspora, a new world music event featuring musicians, DJs, VJs (that's video jockeys for the uninitiated) and general good times late into the night.
Budweiser sponsor this laid back mix of DJs, VJs and live acts.
This program allows viewers with computers to interact live with the network's VJs.
No less a lofty threesome than President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, and ABC News anchor Peter Jennings made a point of showing up first and being televised at the MTV inagural ball, the hottest ticket in town that week, to press the flesh of the young VJs (video jockeys) and fans who had been so instrumental in getting out the Democratic vote.
Of course, the music station and the VJs who run it have the right to be biased, but they also have an obligation: Either provide news coverage with an agenda and admit the bias, or claim a standard of fairness and live up to it.
Users can set up private or public theaters to become VJs, bringing, family and friends together into conversation around the videos they love.
Not only will you find musicians, DJs, VJs, dancers, actors, performers, visual artists, geeks, DIYer there but also private individuals who have developed a taste for new technologies.
Set in the venue Kraftwerk, in central Berlin, the party will feature a private show by AVICII, during which VJs will project content created by guests in rhythm to the music.
The show will feature the band The Syndicate, top Vjs and Mahhi Vij and Jay Bhanushali.