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VJSVirtual Journals in Science and Technology
VJSVirginia Journal of Science
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They include pop artists Jona (nominated four times), Julian Trono and Ella Cruz (for their collaboration on "Tumalon"), newly minted VJ Inigo Pascual (for best artist), Glaiza De Castro (female artist and song OTY) and rapper Shehyee who is nominated along with Keiko Necessario for urban video OTY for their collaboration on her song "Bituin.
VJing today is still an esoteric art, with most VJ software requiring a computer science degree to even make sense of, and many professional options costing hundreds of dollars.
The group pays homage to the most experienced of the VJs in many stories and old interviews.
Parece que el criterio tenido mas en cuenta por los padres a la hora de adquirir VJs es la edad (media = 7), sin embargo, las opciones relacionadas con los contenidos (media = 4,9), la caratula en caso de alquiler (media = 4,9) y no permitir que se bajen videojuegos de internet (media = 4,07), ni siquiera a nivel subjetivo alcanzaban la puntuacion de aprobado.
Excited about the launch VJ Bani says, "I own a Firefox MTV bike, it's a great mode of workout.
VJs Bani and Rannvijay have joined their gritty force to add their personal touch to the range.
Labo Strongsky and VJ Mosig will provide VJ accompaniment.
Thanks to satellite television, we called up VJs on MTV India and Channel V to 'request' music videos by homegrown bands like Euphoria.
The 85-minute film portrays the work of a group of video journalists, or VJs, in Myanmar, who succeeded in capturing the 2007 uprisings of monks and civilians, including the scene of the shooting death of Japanese journalist Kenji Nagai, using smuggled camcorders.
The Burma VJs filmed the protests as well as violent acts committed by police and military officials.
With journalists barred from the country, the oppression of the monks would have been covered up, but for the efforts of Burma's VJs.
The solution for a tactical VJS problem aims to minimize the total cost or number of the machines to process all jobs, while solution for an operational problem seeks the optimal subset of the jobs that can be processed with a fixed number of machines.