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BATSEBurst and Transient Source Experiment
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Ms Batse indicated that Asiedu admitted killing the MP and even took the police to the deceased's house to demonstrate how the incident transpired.
[113] who examined a sample of 174 GRBs detected by BATSE, among which 6 GRBs had an established redshift and those were used to find an anticorrelation between [L.sub.peak] and [[tau].sub.lag] in the form of the following (see Figure 2(a)):
Com o Batse foi possivel verificar duas caracteristicas importantes: distribuicao isotropica espacialmente [12] e bimodal em relacao ao tempo, em que os curtos duram aproximadamente menos que dois segundos e o longos, mais que dois segundos [19].
In early January, 1996, a second satellite, the X-ray Timing Explorer, detected X-ray bursts coincident with the BATSE observations.
The 600 bursts so far seen by BATSE, Kouveliotou notes, continue to show the same pattern - an even distribution across the sky.
Although Swift's Burst Alert Telescope can't watch the whole sky, it is five times more sensitive than the BATSE detectors on the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory or the FREGATE instrument on HETE 2.
BATSE has also detected a gamma-ray pulsar--only the third known example of such an object.
We also search for correlations between the ILF power-law indices and a number of other observed GRB attributes in the BATSE database.
GRO carries a group of eight detectors--collectively known as the Burst and Transient Source Experiment (BATSE) -- that can spot gamma-ray bursters 10 times weaker than those observed by previous space-borne detectors.
The procedures used to measure this distribution from BATSE (the Burst And Transient Source Experiment on NASA's Compton Gamma Ray Observatory) data are discussed.
gov) is head of the gamma-ray astronomy group at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center and was principal investigator of the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory's BATSE instrument.