NDYPNew Deal for Young People (UK)
NDYPNorth Dakota Young Professionals (est. 2006; Bismarck, ND)
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The programme JUMP contains also less benefit sanctions and is more orientated towards training and vocational education measures than the NDYP, which is aiming at an integration into the labour market as quickly as possible.
These programs, in their turn, are subdivided into consultative or contractual partnerships, strategic or operative partnerships; or they can be differentiated by their respective thematic focus points in the NDYP (Employment Service, 1999).
On the one hand British efforts focused on the amelioration of general skills and the NDYP exists more or less alongside the LSC's, the Learning, ConneXions and Education Business Partnerships.
However, the NDYP and the NDLTU before the recent reform have been running for over three years and can be subjected to a first evaluation.
46) Around 40 per cent of job placements through the NDYP are not sustained.
The net cost to the Exchequer of each job created due to the NDYP is estimated at around [pounds sterling]4 000.
Some labour supply, but deadweight options of the NDYP do not losses are considerable.
In practice, a number of young people falling in this category fail to enrol in the NDYP (e.
The higher success rate achieved under the NDYP is not entirely surprising given that the obligation to participate in some work or education activity sharpens the incentives to take up a job.
Although displacement effects stemming from the NDYP are estimated to be limited, including for the group of 25-29 year olds (Anderton et al.
The NDYP goes as far as making the JSA conditional on accep ting one of the options and the Government has announced that it will extend this feature to all long-term unemployed under the New Deal for those aged 25 and over from April 2001.
However, the Government has announced its intention to extend the compulsory nature of the NDYP to all long-term unemployed.