SRRCSquare Root Raised Cosine (filtering technique)
SRRCSynchrotron Radiation Research Center
SRRCSouthern Regional Research Center (New Orleans, LA)
SRRCSalmon River Restoration Council (Etna, CA)
SRRCSudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (UN)
SRRCSoutheastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center (Alabama)
SRRCSelf-Redundant Reconfigurable
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Enhancing sugar crop value for farmers is one goal of SRRC scientists.
In case of initial melt relocation, SRRC and PRCC show strong negative correlation (r < -0.7) between SC1141(2) and the timing of initial melt relocation.
In those tables, the global sensitivity of a particular variable is measured in three ways: the order of entry into the linear regression model, the absolute value of SRC (or SRRC), and the size of [R.sup.2] changes attributable to individual variables; where the global sensitivity of the variable is indicated by the length of the bars: the more sensitive (important) the variable, the longer the bars of the SRC (or SRRC)and the size of [R.sup.2] change, the shorter the bar of entry-order.
Plots of the frequency responses and their corresponding impulse responses of raised cosine (RC) and square root raised cosine (SRRC) pulses for various roll off factors, AY are sketched in section 6 of this paper.
Only a limited number of seals of the population, most with respiratory problems, are admitted to SRRC, and serum is not collected from all these animals.
Sarah Soyei, of the anti-racism educational charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRRC), said: "Racism is a very real issue in many classrooms around the country, but cases of racist bullying are notoriously underreported".
Sunil Patel, campaign manager for SRRC Wales, said: "We have come some way towards eliminating racism in the game, but we've still got a long way to go because there are still issues of racism at grass roots level we are aware of, and even in the professional game, as the past few days have highlighted."
It is being organised by Holland-based environmental company AniMedics head of operations and Seal Rescue Rehabilitation Centre (SRRC) representative, Ben van Hoogen.
Chemist Isabel Lima and Wayne Marshall (now retired) at the ARS Southern Regional Research Center (SRRC) in New Orleans, La., developed the method for turning agricultural bio-waste into activated carbons.