TLISTexas Legislative Information System
TLISTranslation and Language Information Services (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
TLISTotal Lung Injury Score
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As the Army worked to develop the TLIS requirements, it was initially stovepiped and fragmented, Morrison said.
Alternative Asset Opportunities invests in the United States TLIs, which it holds to maturity or until the end of the life of the fund.
(33.) The conventional cutoff criteria for RMSEA, CFI, and TLI are 0.08, 0.9, and 0.9, respectively (Bentler 1990; Hu and Bentler 1999).
Tambien presenta tres opciones para facilitar el acceso a la educacion superior de todas las personas que cumplan con los requisitos minimos de las instituciones superiores (TLIs), garantizando al mismo tiempo la eficacia horizontal y vertical de financiacion.
The fit indices were as follows: [x.sub.2] = 513.21-841.08, p < .001; NFI = .944-.954; RFI = .930-.942; IFI = .961-.970; TLI = .950-.963; CFI = .960-.969; and RMSEA = .074-.084.
These and the other relative fit indices reported in Table 2--the Tucker-Lewis Index (TLI) (Tucker & Lewis, 1973), the Comparative Fit Index (CFI) (Bentler, 1990) and the Incremental Fit Index (IFI) (Bollen, 1989)--range between zero and one, with values closer to unity indicating comparatively better fit.
tlis arrangement--tle "all-or-notling" deal--can lower tle total cost of tle gears to tle machine-makers, stimulate bigger gear orders, and lower tle prices tlat consumers have to pay for machines.