NMPCNonlinear Model Predictive Control
NMPCNiagara Mohawk Power Corporation
NMPCNorthwest Medical Physics Center (est. 1969; Washington)
NMPCNavy Military Personnel Command
NMPCNorthern Mindanao Power Corporation (Iligan, Lanao del Norte, Philippines)
NMPCNational Maintenance Publications Center
NMPCNew Model of Primary Care (Valencia, Spain)
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Las caracteristicas clinicas de las NMPC incluyen sintomas inespecificos, como diaforesis, dolores oseos y prurito; y sus complicaciones mas frecuentes son la trombosis y la hemorragia (9).
After features selection, visual servoing is redefined as the constrained nonlinear optimization problem based on NMPC, which establishes a visual predictive controller based on proposed invariant visual features.
The Tawow program, meaning "you are welcome" or "(come in) there is room for you" in Cree, was developed by the NMPC and co-sponsored by Sherritt Gordon Mines Ltd.
The next area of research will be focused on the design of a nonlinear predictive controller and nonlinear process identification with a higher order of linear approximation and verification of adaptive NMPC using the Hammerstein-Wiener model and its variations.
Since the boiler exhibits considerable nonlinearities as was described in (Horalek & Hlava, 2009), it is not surprising that simulation results will show the higher performance of NMPC in comparison with linear and multiple MPC.
Examples of challenging problems that may justify NMPC are shown in Figure 1.
In the summer of 1996, a telephone survey was conducted using a random sample of households with listed telephone numbers from the NMPC service territory within Erie County.
NMPC also runs Message Home, a 24hour, national Freefone Helpline for those who have run away or left home to send a message to their family or carer.
Garcia (90) implemented an NMPC to control the production of block synthetic rubbers in a semibatch reactor and obtained excellent experimental results.
The PIA, once the government's central film laboratory, became the keeper of these historical and audiovisual materials after the NMPC was dissolved following the Edsa Revolution in 1986.
The NMPC also observed that in comparison with the regional countries, Pakistan is the lowest in prices with respect to Rice Basmati, Beef, Chicken, Red chillies, Eggs and second lowest in Wheat, Wheat flour, Garlic, Sugar, Onions and Petrol.