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ETECEnterotoxigenic Escherichia Coli
ETECEnergy Technology Engineering Center
ETECEast Texas Electric Cooperative (Nacogdoches, TX)
ETECExpendable Turbine Engine Concept
ETECEnglish Teachers Employment Connection (South Korea)
ETECEnhanced Tropospheric Error Compensation
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Linearity and LOD of ETEC STIa, STIb, LT, and Shig-ipaH qRT-PCR assays were quantified using ETEC strains ETEC-STIa AF-ETEC727, ETEC-STIb AF-ETEC771, ETEC-LT AF-ETEC966 and Shigella flexneri strain ATCC12022, respectively.
Chipped forest waste fuels the ETEC Woodville Renewable Power project.
In order to provide protection, an ETEC vaccine should enclose the most prevalent CF and a LT toxoid or B subunit of LT toxin until it blocks adherence and toxin activity.
It should be pointed out that although the enterotoxins from animal strains are closely related or identical to those from humans, animal strains of ETEC do not infect humans, this primarily due to the differences in colonization factors.
Seven MLST sequence types were observed among the 24 ST/CS6 ETEC isolates (Table).
ETEC is supposed to be a common cause of diarrhoea among children living in developing countries and visitors from regions where ETEC is not endemic (travellers' diarrhoea).
At the ETEC, tenants get a chance to grow and put on some muscle, as well as an opportunity to get matched up with the big studios and established companies that would contract with the budding companies, Berke said.
coli isolates from 10 ill passengers were tested for ETEC at CDC.
Tim Hubbard, senior vice president of transportation technologies at Intertek said that, Intertek with the acquisition of ETEC adds energy and fleet management services to its portfolio of testing and validation services for the transportation industry.
Chief executive of ETEC David Milburn committed his organisation to the virtues of the apprenticeship programme utilising the profile of the Regional 500 in 100 campaign to maximise opportunities.
The LT enterotoxin and the CF antigens are immunogenic and hence the main candidates for vaccines that are being developed against ETEC diarrhea.
Based on the detailed elucidation of the pathogenic mechanisms of cholera and ETEC (1), we have postulated that protection against the causative organisms should be directed not only against colonization of the bacteria, but also against the toxin action.