AXBAxcessBoarding (est. 2005; sports simulation)
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Each subsample of path a was multiplied by the corresponding subsample of path b, in order to create the indirect effect axb. This product was used to calculate the confidence intervals (CI) as this was considered to be the most appropriate method to test the significance of the indirect effects (Wood, 2005).
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([parallel]K) (-)[I.sup.AxB.sub.q][K[parallel].sub.C(AxB)] [less than or equal to] [??][([2y.sub.1][[xi].sub.1]).sup.s]\-) [C.sup.q] [less than or equal to] ([epsilon].)
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Reactant consumption is assumed to be uniform over the entire active cell area, i.e., at each node, an amount of Q /([lambda](AxB)) is consumed, where Q is the inlet flow rate and [lambda] stands for the stoichiometry of the reactant gas [10].
Group 1 deposited underlying certificates primarily support the payment of interest and principal to Class AXA Certificates with excess cash flows sequentially supporting Class AXB Certificates (and Classes AXB1 and AXB2 related exchangeable Certificates), and Class B Certificates.
The debt watcher said it had affirmed its 'B+' long-term and 'B' short-term counterparty credit ratings as well as its 'axBB' long-term and 'axB' short-term ASEAN regional scale ratings on PNB.
For instance, assume that the size of face images is [200.sup.*]150 and 1000 images are used for training samples, so X [member of] [R.sup.(axb)x(q+n)] (a x b = 200 x 150, n = 1000) is larger than X [member of] [R.sup.(axb)xn] (SRC).
Los signos como representaciones de la logica simbolica pueden ser abordados como entidades estaticas o signos, denotados como un conjunto tipo A; como entidades de cambio o procesos de semiosis, denotadas en un conjunto tipo B, o como una relacion de las dos anteriores en la forma de producto cartesiano, de tal forma que el producto es el conjunto de todos los posibles pares ordenados de relaciones entre los elementos del conjunto A y B en la forma: AXB, donde la primera componente del par ordenado es un elemento de A y la segunda componente es un elemento de B.
Indirect effects (axb) were considered significant when the corrected bias and accelerated confidence interval did not include zero.